Preparing  Muslim Leaders Of Tomorrow!


(8th Grade & Up)

In addition to religious studies students learn and develop valuable leadership skills through team building, creative thinking, self-awareness, mentoring and other leadership training methodologies. The curriculum is delivered using a variety of hands-on and fun activities, projects and field trips. This program was designed and developed for SALAM by the Dean of Career Education at Stanford University Dr. Farouk Dey. 

Price: $195/SEM    *Sibling Discount Available

SALAM Youth Leadership Council

(14 to 18 Years Old)

Run by and for the youth, this innovative program offers positions including, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and more. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to work with and be guided by members of SALAM’s Board of Trustees and other senior leaders and professionals from among the SALAM community. The Youth Council will meet every other Sunday and one Friday per month.


SALAM Youth Interfaith Team: (13 & Up)

This  is a special team under the SALAM Youth Leadership Council that organizes social events with other youth from different religious organizations (Muslim and non-Muslim) to increase awareness and project a positive image of Islam while building bridges with other communities in the Sacramento Area. For more information, please contact our Youth Council President, Celene:


Religious Mentorship Program

(16 Years Old & Up)

This is a selective program where students learn from the guidance and mentorship of Imam Kashif to increase their knowledge in Quran and Islamic Studies. Responsibilities include leading prayers, researching subjects, and assisting Imam Kashif. For more information email

SALAM Club for Youth Entrepreneurs

(14 Years Old & Up)

Students will get to launch and run their own clubs focused on their chosen area of interest. The program runs between 9:30AM to 10:30AM on Sunday during SALAM Weekend School. This is brand new and under development so stay tuned for more information.

SALAM Kid's Camp Youth Coordinator

(13 Years Old & Up)

Coordinators run select activities during the SALAM Kid’s Camp, like Sports, Arts, Science, Math & Language as well as participate in weekly field trips. 

SALAM Basketball League (16 & Up)

(Coming Soon)

Practice will take place at SALAM Center and tournaments will be scheduled competing against other organizations’ teams.


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