SALAM Libraries are established in two locations.  The Sharif Family Community Library houses resources for youth and adults in the Center for Higher Islamic Learning. The Children’s Library will be located in the SALAM Community Center and is in development. Named for its major donors, The Sharif Family Community Library is  the brain and heart of the Center.


  • Its collection is planned to provide thousands of books, traditional and electronic, DVDs, CDs, online databases, and journal articles.

  • Access to the collection is through an electronic catalog with computer work stations.

  • The learning environment consists of study carrels, tables for reading, and a group study area.

  • Library users -  students from middle school through university, researchers, and the community at large -  can access local, national, and global information through the Internet with professional guidance.

  • Reference and circulation services are provided in addition to quiet areas for research. Hours of operation are in development. 


An Islamic community library is unique in our region and nation


Its resources have a global Islamic focus, spanning regions in the Middle East, Asia, Africa,
and wherever Islamic civilization and culture has spread, including North America.


Historical and contemporary views, including the study of peace, are valued.


The Community Library is open to anyone wishing to learn about Islam, its civilization, cultures, and the language of the religion, Arabic, and its heritage.


The Library’s interior reflects the color of the rich soils and Muslim architectural structures in northwest Africa and Andalusia.  Connecting California to that region is a reminder of the rich legacy shared by Californians and Muslims.


“Seek knowledge through the Library”







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