sALAM weekend school Free Summer Program

Group Levels: 


Summer Level1: Preschool, Kindergarten, and First-Grade


Summer Level2: Second-Grade, Third-Grade, Fourth-Grade


Summer Level3: Fifth-Grade, Sixth-Grade, Seventh-Grade


Summer Level4: Youth-Group1, Youth-Group2, and adults.

Online Schedule:




SALAM Weekend school online courses are offered M-W 7:00pm - 8:00pm

June 15 2020- July 30 2020 


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     Kamal Lemseffer

        Weekend School Principal

SALAM Weekend School

Sunday’s 9:00am to 2:30pm

4541 College Oak Drive Sacramento, CA 95841


Get In Touch:
SALAM Islamic Center

916-979-1933 ext 3​

916-979-1933 ext 4

4545 College Oak Drive, Sacramento, CA 95841